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Why replace when you can reglaze?

Customers ask me all of the time, why would I reglaze? Why not just replace? Well the answer to this is simple... time and money. Replacing your tub will cost for removal, plumber, and your new appliance. when you combine these costs, reglazing is just a fraction of the price! And almost the exact same results! Reglazing is a very similar method to how the new tubs are painted by their manufacturer. Meaning, that the tub that you paid very little to have reglazed, is almost the same thing as getting a brand new one.

Replacing a tub also takes multiple days or weeks to complete, needing a range of contractors from delivery of the new appliance, plumbers, tilers, and general contractors. All of these steps cost you time! Reglazing can be finished within a matter of hours and just needs 2 days to dry. Saving you time and effort!

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