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Q: How long does the reglazing process take? How long will I not be able to use my bathtub?

A: It takes between 2-5 hours to reglaze a standard bathtub, and then 48 hours to fully dry before use. 

Q: Will I be able to see the discoloration in my grout and caulking after my shower is reglazed?

A: No you will not, reglazing seals the surface, so any discoloration, or imperfections, will be left behind!

Q: What is your process?

A: We sand, fill, and remove any imperfections from the surface, scorch with acid to open the surface pores, then we use epoxy as a primer, and a automobile-grade urethane paint as a top coat.

Q: How long does a reglazed surface last?

A: With standard care, a reglazed surface should easily last 15+ years, or outlast the rest of the bathroom. 

Q: Can you repair chips, holes, or rust?

A: Yes we can! We can fix any and all damages including, chips, holes, rust, prior paint jobs, and dips. We have fixed holes larger than a baseball!

Q: Do you offer colors other than white?

A: We offer any color!  White is just standard and most common, but we can actually match our paint to any color you pick out. 

Q: What is included in my warranty?

A: Our warranty protects your newly reglazed appliance for 5 years!  This covers from peeling, discoloration, fading, or if anything else that could possibly happen to your newly reglazed appliance with normal use. 

Q: I have seen other companies tubs peel after a few months, will your paint peel?

A: Peeling on a reglazed surfaces is not something that should be happening, and is most likely a result of bad workmanship.  We ALWAYS take the extra steps to ensure our paint properly bonds to the surface to prevent any type of reaction or peeling.  Dr.Resurface tubs do not peel. (And if it did, of course it would be covered under our warranty)

Q: Why choose Dr.Resurface over other companies?

A: Dr.Resurface is a small family owned business with a minimal amount of employees, because of the smaller scale we use to operate, we are able to offer more affordable rates to our clients.  We have also been in the reglazing industry for so long that we know all of the methods and materials to give you a pristine and durable reglaze job every time.  We are extremely personable and care about our customers, quality of our work, and community. 

Q: What is the average cost to have a bathtub reglazed?

A: The average industry cost to have a standard bathtub reglazed is $250-$450 depending on quality of reglaze job, location, and other industry factors.

Give us a call for a quick free quote 813-459-9126

Q: Can you reglaze porcelain? Fiberglass? Laminate? or other stones?

A: Yes we can! I have not yet found a surface that we can't reglaze!

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